Thursday, 14 June 2012

An evening at Bukit Mina

Recently I received a visit from a good friend who comes from New Zealand to start his journey with his family to stay nine months in Borneo. After travelling on the road from Kuching to Bintulu the whole family was staying for a couple of days in Bintulu before going up to Niah. 

Just before they left Bintulu after visiting Niah I was asked to bring them for an overnight trip to Bukit Mina, a place where we use to hang out and did some research work together all this time. Since he brought his wife and two kids for the trip and it was two hours journey from Bintulu town by car so I was basically restraining myself from driving too fast especially in the graveled road up to Bukit Mina. 

Once we reach Bukit Mina we unpack our things and starts our barbeque, it was already almost 5 pm when we arrive. Had our dinner, barbeque some cat fish with chicken wings and rice. It was already dark, we went out to do some frogging with the kids. It was a good night, clear sky but the stream where we went to was dry, it must have not been raining for weeks at the place.

It was just a couple of minutes when we started to walk along the stream where we saw a tiny frog. As i am not sure what species it is, I was guessing it is probably Limnonectes laticeps due to the small size and not a fully webbed feet. 

Then we starts to see more of them, it was Limnonectes kuhlii. The frogs were very shy that night, reluctantly they hide when we make any single sound of movement. 

 I only managed to take some photos of the individual that are willingly to be photographed. 

 Among other things, we found lots and lots of Spiders that night.


We spent almost an hour walking up stream of the dry stream and then turn back. My last frog for the night was Staurois guttatus

Altogether we found (possibly) five species of frogs and did not get a photo of only one species which is Hylarana signata, not a bad night walk just for an hour. After the night walk, we just sit and enjoy the night with few cans of beer before heading to sleep. 

The next day just before we leave, we released a python that was donated from a friend who is working in an oil palm plantation. Took few shots and then head back to Bintulu. 

Thank you for visiting.

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