Thursday, 26 April 2012

Macro photography in April

This month I have spend plenty of time out in the forest and taking photos of insects and birds.

Plenty of photos to be shared but will only able to share some of it due to restrictions with my broadband limits.


Bearded Pig tracks can be easily seen near old logging or plantation roadside

A bright yellow butterfly with nice wing patterns

This Robber fly was kind enough to sit still and be photographed

Ants always amazes me by their complex communication and excellent coordination within the colony

A beautiful damselfly called Coeliccia nigrohamata

Coeliccia nigrohamata is a camera friendly species

Now...I don't have any idea on what this is...maybe a plant hopper?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Binyo Penyilam Information

Finally I am done with my writing on Binyo Penyilam.

Click the Binyo Penyilam button above to read more about Binyo Penyilam and its uniqueness.

The brackish water in Binyo Penyilam is perfect for relection

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Odonata Field Work..continued..

More shots of the things I found during the night time at our camp

An unknown Moth

Medium size (8-12cm long) Stick Insect
The next day we woke up early and prepare ourselves for our Odonata collection in a nearby stream that comes from a mountain next to our camp. This will be a whole day walk to the upstream on rocky walls mixed with waterfalls so I would have to forget about bringing my big homemade diffuser and turns to my "emergency" Home made diffuser instead which is a lot smaller and no worries if it is broken in the forest. I also leave some lens behind because it will be such a pain to carry everything while climbing onto wet walls, all I took was the heavy 100-400mm and 50mm lenses with external flash (Plus lunch!)...also just forget about carrying a Tripod.

The whole day was very good, not too hot as the clouds were around most of the time covering us from the sun as we walked through an old abandoned logging road to our target stream.

The easy part of the stream that we go to
Waiting to catch Odonata at the small waterfall with very little room to move around

As we reached the most upper part of the stream it was all rock walls and small waterfalls about 10 - 20 meters high. While our friends were catching dragonflies and damselflies (or Odonata) my task was to find us a route to the top of the waterfalls...and it was series of waterfalls with some reaching up to 30 meters.

Due to the heavy work and my hands were used to kept me holding on to tree roots and rocks most of the time I was only able to take few shots of things I found along the way.

Coeliccia sp.

Neurobasis longipes (Flash Wing)

An unknown Limnonectes sp.

Euphaea subcostalis
Camacina gigantea
After climbing more than 300 meters (very difficult climb!) from where our camp was we turned back and head to our camp as it was already late 4.00 pm. I don't have anymore energy to take out my camera for anything after that tiring journey and just enjoy my dinner then have some small chat with all of the team before heading to sleep. I leave the camp the next day.

Here are some shot of our temporary camp...a nice place to visit with cool clean stream next to it.

View of our camp from the stream
The entrance of our camp
The view from the back of our camp. The rock will be flooded if there is heavy rain.

That's it for now. Until the next photography adventure comes, thanks for viewing.