Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More frogs and other stuffs in June and July

As June has ended and its almost middle of July, my time was mostly occupied with festival and work. This time I am sharing my work in June and July where I had very interesting encounters with frogs that I have not yet photographed before and some are common species but have always managed to elude me. Some species makes it a lot more complicated for me as I am not a trained Herpetologist to know these Frog stuffs.

Let me start with this little Hylarana raniceps. Rather a common species and I usually find it in swampy bits of lowland forest.

The next one I consider as fatter than the first.

My first photo of Limnonectes malesianus
A young Hylarana glandulosa
Now we have come to the difficult species to identify, well to me maybe very difficult because I did not collect them as specimens.

I am not sure about this species, but my guess will be Limnonectes leporinus.
This maybe a Limnonectes kuhlii but the size is just too big for L kuhlii (Approx. 5 cm).
This is an interesting find, I don't know what this is and it is a tiny little frog roughly less than 1 cm. A Pelophryne sp.?
Ok, those are the things that I might mix up pretty bad, but I am sure of these two species that I usually encounter in the forest during night walks

and the other stuffs that I took are these

A beautiful yellow Jumping Spider
Possibly a Diard's Trogon
Someone's house in the Rainforest of Borneo!