Thursday, 29 March 2012

Odonata field work

I was a bit silent in my blog for March because I was mostly occupied by work.
I was able to join a group for Odonata field work in Sangan, Bintulu for few days and I managed to take some photos during the tired and long journey.

We stay in a nice big temporary camp in Sangan nearby Sungai Redan. Nice, cool clean water and interesting place. The first thing I noticed once I put my foot on the ground was this weird looking Nepenthes that I have never seen before anywhere else in Bintulu.

I quickly realize that it is something I have never found before in the wild and later came to know that it is probably Nepenthes veitchii. I took my zoom lens and start photographing it as it was few meters high on a tree next to the stream.

Nepenthes veitchii
The camp was nicely build and it was next to the stream, something I enjoyed so much. While waiting for the night we sat down having drinks and exchanging ideas at the rocks by the stream before going off for a bath..and the water was cold!.

On for the night we set up nets for bats while waiting for dinner. We only caught one bat species which is Balionycteris maculata (Spotted-Winged Fruit Bat).

A friend holding the Spotted-Winged Fruit Bat
As the night goes and I was walking alone around the camp I managed to see few frog species, which is my favorite subject to photograph. But unfortunately some of the frog species are very shy that night and I end up taking few photos of them only. I managed to take some more photos of things that i found that night before I doze off for a sleep and prepare myself for the odonata collection the next day.

To be continued.....

Monday, 5 March 2012

Today was cold and wet

I went back from my workplace today in cold rainy hour

With my camera and lense set up next to my seat in the car I was prepared for anything!...guess what...look at what I was able to snap! snap! snap!

 My very first time seeing this group of Asian-black Hornbill

All in a day's work

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Shots from February..

Here are some allowance shots from my packed schedule in February.