Friday, 6 January 2012

Places of interest around Bintulu, Sarawak

For Adventurer,Naturalist and Nature lover

Few months back I met a couple from Netherlands at Similajau National Park here in Bintulu. As we greet and introduce ourselves our conversation turned to the topic of what kind of things a tourist can see in Similajau and are there any other places that they can visit in Bintulu other than Similajau? How to go there? Can you bring us there? etc.

It then came to me that I need to include these information here in this blog.

I hope with bits of information here in this blog will help any tourists or visitors to Sarawak and Bintulu on what does Bintulu have to offer for them. Also for fellow local photography enthusiasts to have an idea on these places where they can enjoy their photography work.

Places that I put up here are the one that I think would be interesting for you all to consider visiting. Other than that, some of these places that I am sharing here are places that no normal tourist have been to.

So coming up in my page will be information on these places:

Similajau National Park

Kamijan Waterfall

Bukit Sarang

Binyo Penyilam

For more information just send me an email.


  1. Is the access to Bukit Sarang easy ? Looks good for birding there :)

  2. Yup. not that difficult, using logging road and then boat, roughly 5 hours or more, depending on water level too. Will cover more details once finish my write up on it. Quentin Phillip went there once, if he says very good for birding then I say so too.

  3. Hi Junis, can you show me the location to the waterfall?

  4. Hi Junis, can you show me the location to the waterfall?