Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year 2012 Nature Photography Blog

This blog is part of my 2012 dream to share with viewers out there the beauty of Sarawak's nature and landscape particularly in the place where I am currently working. Apart from that, I would like to inform readers and viewers that I'm also able to organize group visits to some of the sites where I took the photos if anyone is interested.

I start my blog with a short brief on how I got stuck on photography until now.

I started photography since my early days as a student doing my Degree in a local university. I started with a Digital Nikon camera that save photos into diskettes. Wow..was that the most advance tech gadget at that time. At that time I have no idea at all on what is aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc.

Then I slowly move to another digital camera as technology progress. I started to use another Nikon digital camera that has a superb close up for macro shots (I forgot to mention that I am really in love with macro photography). From there on I began to learn why some of my photos looks nice with blurred background and some didn't come so nice (I was on Auto mode all the time). Years and years gone by, I step into the world of having a job in a company where I can extend my love for photography more than ever where my work requires me to be involve in scientific research (as I even do before) and field work assignments in the forest (that is my favorite part!). This enables me to learn more on nature and a chance for me to keep on with my passion for photography.

I then have a chance to get my hands on a more sophisticated superzoom camera which is a Panasonic FZ 50. Man..wasn't that camera fantastic too! (compared to the Nikon with diskettes :P). It is then that I learned about Aperture, Shutter speed, macro etc and I started to notice there is the M (Manual) mode in the camera. But I was still  a student in photography, at that time I rarely use flash but depends on natural light, no such things as Night Photography! Differently these days I can't live without an external flash for my macro photography. I guess some of you out there understand why.

It was until I got my hand on my first DSLR cameras and the first one was a Canon 40D that I began to learn how hard it is to get good shot with DSLR without a proper set up. Only through reading, looking at other photos and doing some trial and errors by myself I have manage to improve my photography skills to the level of what I have today (although I still am not a great photographer).

My photography work now are mainly on nature eg: animals, birds, plants, insect and landscape. I do shoot events but that will not be displayed here. I am still learning and it is still along way to go for me in photography.

Until then enjoy my last shot from the year 2011.

Happy New Year!

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