Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Herpetofauna visit to Bukit Sarang

I have a chance to do some Herpetofauna work in Bukit Sarang for a few days in August 2012.
Our trip was welcomed with pouring rain all the way to Bukit Sarang. At least it was a good sign for herping. While I don't have a good knowledge on Herpetofauna, my interest is to photograph whatever I found during the trip.

We did a bit of night walk and taking most of our rest on day time. Here are a couple of shots that I took just for you all who was waiting for the whole article to come up.


Probably Cyrtodactylus pubisculus
Cave dwellers, a Huntsman Spider

Hard to see Rhacophorus appendiculatus

Probably the newly described species from Bukit Sarang Opisthoporus serenae

Beautiful and photogenic Pareas nuchalis
More to come once I am done with my full writing on the trip.

Thank you for viewing!

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